Contactless digital menu for restaurants
and hotels

Key features

Acquaintance with the digital menu happens in a non-contact way, unlike the paper menu that needs to be sanitized every time.
The menu updates happen through the control panel, you don't need to spend budgets on editing paper menus.
ServeMe system automatically defines the language settings in your guest's smartphones and displays the digital menu in the native language of the client.
You only need one digital menu for all communication channels with your guests.

Digital menu through
the eyes of guests

All the needed information
We made sure that the digital menu meets the requirements of your guests. The menu includes photos and the weight of the dish, the ability to add additional ingredients and even indicate items that can cause allergic reactions.
Always up to date menu
The digital menu is easy to edit, and your changes will automatically be displayed for your guests. In addition, using the "stop list" function, you can hide temporarily unavailable positions.

Control panel

Simplicity in usage
We have created the admin panel logic so that any member of your team can easily manage the settings of the menu and make changes in a matter of seconds.
Find out more about your customers
Stay up to date with the tastes and preferences of your customers! Using the built-in statistics, you can find out the number of views of your menu, which positions are most popular with your guests, and also evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion channels that you use.

Trust facts

of guests avoid contacting the printed menu during quarantine.

Quarantine Compliance:

Digital Menu
Traditional Menu
No need to recycle
No need to disinfect

How to use?

Social networks
Publish the link to the digital menu on Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor – or any other social network you use for promotion.
Website of the place
You can easily integrate the webpage of the digital menu into your website. If you need to make changes, you are able to do it using the convenient admin panel on ServeMe platform.
Inside the place
Substitute your classic menu with the digital version from ServeMe – show your clients that you care.
It's better to see it once with your very eyes
Check out ServeMe in use right now


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